Augmented Reality; syndrome of the near future

The beginning of 20th century noticed as, settled wars, rise of super powers, self-governance in many nations, industrialization, research in places for all sectors of life. In the middle of the century, automation, computers, and networking introduced. HIV was recognized and noticed as major threat to humans. Major medicinal research on human life extension; expectancy introduced for the first time. The end of 20th century cut time barriers across globe and brought world closer. Automation became inevitable in any production and process sectors; CNC and robotic functions came to real. Urban life across globe became too fast, increase in educated population brought in competition. This is the time when patients at psychiatrist, noticed as increasing. It is, for the first time, world health organization, warned on increase in Heart diseases, Diabetics, Arthritis, Asthma, Alzheimer’s disease globally.

augmented reality syndrom
augmented reality

Beginning of 21st century appeared with more #automation and same time recognized #mental disorders with recognition to list or number of types of such disorders. In the first quarter of the 21st century psychiatry came more in focus for fatal cases of mass shootings, hatred towards specific creed, religion, sector, geography; and increased numbers in suicides in youth considered as due to anxiety. Thus the python of unhealthy lifestyle, gradually wrapped the coil of bad habits around urban population.

If we check carefully, presently mental diseases or disorders are fatal than that of the body diseases. Almost each and every body disease has it’s medicine researched. At least the disease can be controlled to some extent; but mental disease or disorder does not have a medicine. It is very important to realize for a person aware of health that, worldwide Psychiatry has not claimed a single cure from a mental disorder or disease.

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Since 2013 till 2015 there was a huge propaganda of use of drones in IOT product deliveries to customers. In 13-14 I wrote a posts in social media about possible air traffic violations by drones, by interfering in Aeroplanes routes and possible accidents by drones. Please search net to know number of accidents caused by drones. Now they are thinking of controlling it.

Same is the case of Bitcoin. Virtual currency is almost like random distributed gift vouchers. In real no value, no exchange, not cashable. It works only under conditions and in confined environment. Bitcoin is the same, if you have no purchaser for or no seller against bitcoin; it is useless. Which is inevitable. And people vested interests are trying to lure people.

Augmented Reality syndrome

Overuse is skiddy term, what is overuse? You can’t decide unless doctor declares, ‘you are psychological victim of overuse of mobile phone’ . You have every right to challenge anything. People start discussing potential harms only aftermath. No forecasting nor any view/vision against predicted forecasts. Due to overuse and then addiction to mobiles, youth are losing mind balance and unaware of real situations, being killed in road traffic. Still no one seems trying to control their kids from addiction to it.

Three years back virtual reality introduced in market. Within three years, it has gone too far ahead in technology. And, now you have every scope to feel the virtual world. This new technology is baptised “Augmented Reality”. I am sure someday they will bring the #Tomb Rider to Augmented Reality to avail me “feel the touch”.

This, ‘just Augmented Reality’ is cause of tomorrow’s “Augmented Reality syndrome”.

It was seen as the future of the Web and mobile devices. Google Glass was the thing we all saw in movies about the near future. It was a TV, phone, computer and all in a very personal device. It opened the door to a virtual world of augmented reality, instant information, facial recognition; but is, according to rumours leaking onto the internet, a device with serious unforeseen drawbacks.

As early as December of 2013, just weeks after the products were in use among the consumer public, there were some tragic incidents leading to the discovery of a single thread linking fatalities and serious injuries; all victims were Google Glass users.

More serious side effects of “augmented reality” are, inevitable with people addicting to Augmented Reality. It is very possible for weak (the most) people, difficulty to differentiate between the real and the virtual world. They will be victims of multiple personality disorder or split personalities disorder.

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