Resource is a major constraint affecting scope-time-cost

In majority cases it is observed that the project cross limits of scope time cost, when you have issue/s with resource/s and not with process (scope) or schedule (time) and the allotted funds/reserves.

For IT sector constraint is shifting from scope, time, costs

I am realizing now that in IT sector scope, time, cost are not real constraints for a project manager, their real constraint is resource/s.

In corporate world, etiquettes and netiquettes are the most serious concerns!

In real world, there are number of things one needs to keep in mind while interacting with others; we call it etiquettes. On the net we call it virtual world, and we need the same approach; we call it netiquettes.

Process success needs efficient scope time cost management

If a project manager is not aware about scope, processes and knowledge areas of the project, not only the revenue but credibility of organization also can be questioned.

Challenge of MT may be not multiple meanings of same spellings!

term meaning in different dialects (Example: enUS/enGB) of source! It is fine to claim/blame post editing; but due to multiple meanings of a term or different words used for same meaning from different dialects, or the source in mix dialects; the source can be tricky and becomes ambiguous

Lexicographer v/s translator

When a client requests for localization in Hindi, they do not ask you to localize their product in languages (dialects of Hindi) like Bhojpuri, Magadhi Maithili, Pahari, Kashmiri, Rajastani, Haryanvi, Malvi, Kumaoni; most of the time they even don’t ask to localize in Gujarati, Bengali or Marathi (this is cost dependent).

false forecasting…post impacts

With day to day interaction with n number of people from family and friends to collogues, businessmen, and people walking, driving on street; I see very few use senses for forecasting on possible situation/s appearing from an act…

Efficiency; integral part of an operation!

It is not just a task or a project management but, efficiency is an integral part of management of any operation. As project is part of operation so the efficiency is also enviable.

Employee leave managers

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A query to MT specialists regarding linguistic concerns …

What I see here is the big obstacle in Machine Translation is not multiple meanings of same spellings in source, but term meaning in different dialects (Example: enUS/enGB) of source!