For IT sector constraint is shifting from scope, time, costs

I am realizing now that in IT sector scope, time, cost are not real constraints for a project manager, their real constraint is resource/s.

Lexicographer v/s translator

When a client requests for localization in Hindi, they do not ask you to localize their product in languages (dialects of Hindi) like Bhojpuri, Magadhi Maithili, Pahari, Kashmiri, Rajastani, Haryanvi, Malvi, Kumaoni; most of the time they even don’t ask to localize in Gujarati, Bengali or Marathi (this is cost dependent).

false forecasting…post impacts

With day to day interaction with n number of people from family and friends to collogues, businessmen, and people walking, driving on street; I see very few use senses for forecasting on possible situation/s appearing from an act…