Who I am

Hi, am Sushan! With proper certifications and accreditation; I am working in this field of health and wellness. I help and serve people to; Maintain health, with help of para medicinal massage, shirodhara, and acupressure Maintain physique, by exercise, nutrition, massage Maintain look , by body scrub, body polish and body waxing I am a … Continue reading Who I am

Resource is a major constraint affecting scope-time-cost

In majority cases it is observed that the project cross limits of scope time cost, when you have issue/s with resource/s and not with process (scope) or schedule (time) and the allotted funds/reserves.

In corporate world, etiquettes and netiquettes are the most serious concerns!

In real world, there are number of things one needs to keep in mind while interacting with others; we call it etiquettes. On the net we call it virtual world, and we need the same approach; we call it netiquettes.

Process success needs efficient scope time cost management

If a project manager is not aware about scope, processes and knowledge areas of the project, not only the revenue but credibility of organization also can be questioned.