Your Immune System Health….

In fact, 'Western Medicine', also called allopathic medicine or traditional medicine is so focused on managing disease that most people don't even REALIZE that they can overcome their health problems. But after working with thousands of people with health problems, in person and through my website and forums, I can assure you that you absolutely can overcome or at least SIGNIFICANTLY improve your 'incurable' chronic health issues- without drugs.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Vitamin D Insufficiency

If we struggle with IBS or any other gut-related issues, avoiding GE foods of all kinds may be a significant part of our answer. As for vitamin D, the evidence suggests 60 ng/mL may be a more ideal low-end target rather than 40 ng/mL. Hitting 60 ng/mL significantly lowers our risk of all cancers, and for women concerned with breast cancer, having a level of 60 ng/mL can lower our risk by as much as 83% compared to having a level below 20 ng/mL. For general health, 40 ng/mL appears to be the absolute lowest cut-off point, but most cancers still appear to occur in those with a vitamin D blood level between 10 and 40 ng/mL, so shooting a bit higher appears prudent.

Augmented Reality; syndrome of the near future

Google Glass was the thing we all saw in movies about the near future. It was a TV, phone, computer and all in a very personal device. It opened the door to a virtual world of augmented reality, instant information, facial recognition; but is, according to rumors leaking onto the internet, a device with serious unforeseen drawbacks. It is more likely that, 'Augmented Reality' may prove as serious threat to humans...

Some known practices in massage therapy

For medicinal or therapeutic massage Indian Massage therapies are proven best since old times. Minute detailed orientations in massage is practiced in India. It is common practice in massagists or masseurs to combine ‘Marma Chikitsa’ (acupressure) with massage... There are different massage therapies with some different practice are settled around. These massage practices are recognized with different names.

Day dreaming is not a sickness; if you thrive to make it real!

Six Sigma says if you put an aim of zero error you have chances to reduce errors to significant level! In other words it doesn’t claim ‘a complete eradication of errors’. Same way If you put a wish list you have chances to bring as many as possible to make real. Don’t get hurt if you couldn’t achieve something....FYI... In 2012 I took an insurance policy ‘Jeevan Anand’ from LIC. This all started then after...

Is prayer last option for an addict

first I must thank 'Jeevan Dhole' for opening so called call center and calling me with an offer, secondly I must thank LIC again for making my mind to quit smoking, and thirdly again to LIC itself for, managing my health tests and giving me confidence of my good metabolism and warning on the smoking habit!

Testing title for Medical Technology

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