Don’t let your workout, be your deathtrap…

Since last 10-15 years, numbers are increasing in sudden hart failures in routine workouts. Obviously the class and the industrial sector came to your mind is not different than management people of IT sector.

Don’t let your workout, be your deathtrap…24X7 commitments, Before Don after dusk work hours, hanging swords of bonus cuts or fire for unsolicited reasoning, these are basic stresses; borrowed issues like, loans, food habits, casual alcoholism and smoking, mental stress from relationships plus, family issues. This is over stress and a common picture of any IT person from entry level to top management. Very few successfully save from borrowing any extra stress. You may be either of it. Are you aware of, have noticed of sports and heart deceases, heart failure in sports, that now a day, young sports people even down to age of 16 are falling at sport events due to heart attack.

Since the same period, I mean to say since last 10-15 years, the same stress is noticed in young players, that time it was considered 25 age group, now it is tumbled down to 16 years of age.

The moral is, you need to control expectations, minimize your wants; and offcourse the same from your child and try to save from ego.

Ego is the cruelest killer, kills you slowly, and suffocates you all the time…

Author: sushan

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