In corporate world, etiquettes and netiquettes are the most serious concerns!

In corporate world, etiquettes and netiquettes are the most serious concerns!

In real world, there are number of things one needs to keep in mind while interacting with others; we call it etiquettes. On the net we call it virtual world, and we need the same approach; we call it netiquettes.

While interacting face to face in real world, we are expected to be polite and elaborative to keep interaction healthy and clear, still we have every chance to immediately correct or further elaborate our say/reply/argument; does the same applies to interaction in virtual world? Answer is NO!

We need to be very, very careful, when it comes to write down something. It should be elaborative but precise and still clear! I believe most of readers will agree with me on the point that most of the time, people send or reply with a very lengthy and with reparative content. In business environment, this becomes a serious concern. Many a time people reply with just, OK, GOT IT, YES! This only suggests that the person has just given acknowledgement of receipt and nothing else.

This simply as equal as replying with same words in real time. Does this really conveys any of expected message like, “I have understood given instructions”, “I am sending deliverables before given deadline”, “I have received the package, I have opened it and it is in working condition” and so on…

This type of reply leads to more mailing for explanation, or maybe irritated people just cut off with you!

Here are some suggestions in sense of etiquettes in business environment;

Do not consider your collogues as friends, this leads to casual behaviors; it can hurt someone permanently. This may harm your career. Remember there is difference between; simple, easy, and loose, slang.

Avoid involvement in gossiping, don’t even stay around!

While discussing topics, stick to context. This gives good or even strong impression. Random discussion leads to gossiping and commenting.

Before you deliver a word, confirm to yourself; is this is exactly what I want to say? Would it convey my expressions precisely? Your superior expects precise replies, not in reporting only; but in conversation as well. Lose language, slang terms, wordy expressions leads only towards an inferior impression!

In general and in business environment; never ask anyone;

About qualification (may be undergraduate or less educated!)

About job (person may be jobless!)

About Parents (might have not!)

About marriage (may not be getting one!)

About children (might have lost the only one!)

Don’t ask about salary, smoking, drinking and age (These are the most stupide questions; and most people love to know this!!)

Here are some suggestions in sense of netiquettes in business environment;

In corporate world, not only your net browsing but also, your keystrokes are monitored/recorded.

Avoid net surfing without knowledge of your superior’s.

Avoid casual chatting in internal communicators and on net messengers like skype/Gmail/yahoo.. and so on. Your keystrokes are recorded.

Avoid personal mailing, which you think is sensitive. Each word and the attachment/s are screened.

Avoid copying anything from USB, log file keeps record of what is copied from system.

Avoid bypass sites to access external email accounts, it is also recorded.

Avoid playing movies from web on your system, it is recorded.

I have seen stupid youngsters from IT, fired for above reasons; what about the rest?

While writing a mail, use simple, elaborative, clear, but precise sentencing and phrasing. While typing keep the reader in mind (avoid writing mail like this article!) who may not read the whole mail.

While replying a mail, do not reply mail, before you read and understand everything till the signature. Many people reply before understanding context. Also, do not reply in just word or phrases.

Now a day people have androids and ipads/ipods. We use them to check mails (reply mails shows “from android”). In business environment, precise and neat replies are expected. As the keyboards of these gadgets are congested, they are tending to brief replies; that I have mentioned in the beginning. This leads only to confusion. You think you have replied the mail and the recipient feels, you haven’t replied “to the point!”

Altogether may be real world or virtual world…

What we think on ourselves is personality, what other see is ‘a character’!

I am more interested in reading and understanding your view on my observations and your own observations.



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