Nutritional balance is not an only key factor to healthy life

In today’s life almost every earner is facing frustration, anxiety, depression; and the reason is not just a feel, but a sense of uncertainty. Previously, means in the second half of last century it was mainly about working class and entrepreneurs, Since from end of 20th century and in this 21st century, we see the same about youngsters; they are also feeling equal uncertainties, showing up similar conditions, revealing same symptoms.nutritious foodInsecure feel triggers anxiety and depression >creating over consumption of oxygen and lipid fats mainly in brain> resulting over consumption and drain of minerals and vitamins from organs and glands which makes you feel exhaustion resulting in frustration; metabolically triggers drain of nutrients, reducing immune power resulting in intestinal dysfunctions causing extra load on lever functions; and by signaling and hitting neurons to Pineal gland to activate pituitary gland to bombard thyroid gland to control lever functions, which in fact is not the fact, but…aah… This is all just because of your lifestyle, and pessimistic views are obvious result!

If you think like, “work hard; party harder” than the full phrase for you is like, ‘work hard, party harder; and pay hardest on health’…Over ambitions, over stress, over commitments this all leads to #anxiety. Anxiety is basic cause of sleeping disorders, causing #acidity; rest all physical conditions are results of the both. Anxiety is mirror effect of depression. #Depression leads obesity and #obesity leads to a lot! This is common situation, which may slightly differ from person to person. Once this cycle starts, hi/low blood pressure, frequent #constipation, or loose motion leading to #gastrointestinal conditions; starts emerging time to time. In common, this may lead to either, psychological problems, heart issues, #diabetic conditions, irritating bowl syndrome (#IBS), orthopedic conditions or urinary disorders. Limiting or diminishing your fuddy, guddy lifestyle.

Unless you plan a proper response to these ‘sequentially connected factors’, you cannot get rid of #sickness or the #illness; you think you are facing. In management phrasing style, ‘enough is enough, now plan response to #health risk!’

It is essential for you, to make your mind to work harder to achieve the normal life, and get back the lifestyle. If you are ready to take this as challenge, you are trying to get in to positive mindset. This is a good sign, for getting out of pessimism!For those who had a fair regime of healthy life with exercise, going back to regular exercise is the best answer to this; but it’s not easy, you are well enough discouraged or upset that you can’t do it as like before. Better you start with running and stomach exercises like, Yoga postures, sit ups, twisting and many more. Try to avoid gyms in the beginning.

For those who only had dream to exercise, now it is time to do or die.. Start with walking and some flexibility #exercises, and then gradually adding waist exercises…

Once you pick up with physical exercising, it is obvious that in the beginning you feel tired. This is natural, just drink ample of water and start with #electrolytes; this will help you to manage salt and some common mineral levels.

In most cases, your home diet is capable of providing required proteins and nutrients.  After regular exercise, next step to reduce sickness or illness effects on body and mind is, maintaining water level in body with, mineral and vitamin balances within systems, organs and glands. Here, I am not discussing other nutrients at this point of time.

In my honest opinion, unless you start and maintain consistency in you exercise for at least a month, and you get interested in doing it; you should not think about proteins, nutrition, minerals, or, the diet regime… it is a waste…

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