Some known practices in massage therapy

There are different massage therapies with some different practice are settled around. These massage practices are recognized with different names. Different process which has become a need of day, for people and for present marketing strategy to motivate people by convincing them that, here is something they need. However, today’s massage practice is to activate, energize or rather refresh muscles and tissues.

Indian massage

For medicinal or therapeutic massage Indian Massage therapies are proven best since old times. Minute detailed orientations in massage is practiced in India. It is common practice in massagists or masseurs  to combine ‘Marma Chikitsa’ (acupressure) with massage while treating nervous system and muscles to find or/and cure any illness from any of the body system or bodily systems, organs or glands.

Many massage therapies, are introduced in the world. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are well famous for their soft orientation and styles, where Japanese orientation is from shiatsu. There are even more types of massage explained below.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage
Swedish massage

Swedish massage is on the Western concept of rejuvenation and Western concept of anatomy and physiology, as compared to energy-centric style of Asian massage types. In Swedish massage, lotions or oils are used for fragrance and like other types therapists begin with broad general strokes followed by area specific strokes to address target results.

In Swedish massage five basic strokes are practiced: long strokes, rolling and lifting, small circular movements, thumping and vibration.

In Swedish massage full-body muscle relaxation is overall target achievement. Particularly people working in stressed environment prefer this massage.

Aromatherapy massage

sport massage
sport massage

A soft massage using aromatic extract oils or also called as essential oils; and without lifting thumping and vibration is called Aromatherapy massage. This method is also used for physical and mental relaxation. Lavender, Rose, Jasmin are much famous fragrances for relaxation. Aroma massage is much useful in conditions like headaches, insomnia, premenstrual conditions. Swedish or Aroma therapy massage can be used to address erectile dysfunction. Make sure before taking an aroma massage, you’re not allergic to the plant or the oil of the plant, used for massage.

Hot Stone massage

hot stone massage
hot stone massage

In Hot Stone massage, normally basalt stones are used as these volcanic rocks retain heat. The worm smooth stones are placed and softly moved over parts of the body. This therapy is best for stretched muscle treatments, warm heat of stones relax and loosen tight muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic kind of massage, which is aimed to muscle knots and specific problem related to deeper layers of muscles and tissues. With slow strokes or rubbing across the the muscle, the therapist treats the chronic tight or painful muscles or repetitive strains and postural dysfunctions, or muscle injuries.

It may be misunderstood that the the pressure of deep tissue is more intense than that of a Swedish massage. It is not necessary to be effective it has tobe painful.

This massage type may stand useful for the people with minor muscle injuries, causing some limitations on movements or mobility. It can be noticeably beneficial for tennis elbow or wrist swelling conditions.

Shiatsu Massage

This is Japanese form of massage therapy. In this massage mainly fingers are used to energize muscles and the tissues.

Shiatsu is rhythmic style from feet to waist and head to waist. This is very useful massage to destressed and get fresh quickly.

As, it is a short time simulated and sequential finger pressure technique, in Shiatsu massage, oil is not required. Normally this massage is applied at ground level sitting on side of the client. Now a day low height massage table is also used. Shiatsu is normally used to control or treat stress-related health issues.

Thai Massage

Thai massage
Thai massage

Unlike Shiatsu in Thai massage, palms are used to rub across body surface to energize muscles and tissues. Aim of Thai massage is body mind relaxation. Using different carrier oils diluting essential oils of fragrance or extracts, a Gentle, soft with optimum pressure entire body is pressed, rubbed with palms and elbows. Usually this massage is applied to client on a mat on the floor. Like shiatsu, Thai massage is famous for energizing the body and relaxing body and calm mind. For migraine treatment Thai Massage may stand useful.

Sports Massage

Sportsman massage
Sport massage

Except ‘stone massage’ rest massage types mentioned above are mainly for body and mid relaxation. Sportsman’s needs for massage are very different in nature.

Normally a sportsman comes up with specific body part issue like cramp or muscle lock or muscle stiffness, back pain; sometimes for skeletal muscles relaxation. These requirements has to be addressed by senior therapist.

Indoor and Outdoor sportsmen have different requirements, Athletes, hiking, Rock climbing Throwing, Cricket, Lawn tennis, Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, Wrestlers and many more sport types; for each of them, muscle movements are in a very different directions and with different pressures.

A therapist must have good glance over possible cause and understanding for required action. Treatment for muscle injuries, maintain and improve flexibility, to enhance performance, or to recover from athletic or sports event. If you are not anymore in sport events still sports massage can help you for relief from muscle pain or movement restrictions.

Hot water massage for knees and legs, Warm oil massage for joints and back, Medicinal oil massage for whole body are some common massage therapies commonly used here. Therapist commonly use compression, palm pressures, elbow rubbing, joint mobilization techniques.

Indian Massage


Indian massage is a unique class of massage with sub classes. Abyanga (full body massage), Shirodhara (oil flow on head) massage are globally recognized as best massage practices and credited as Indian specialty. “Balinese Massage” is too close to North Indian Massage practice.

For any of subclass or for the whole body, carrier oil with extracts from different plants is used to address issues. May be just body and mind freshness, or muscle injury or toughness, work stress on muscles like on head and shoulders, Joint’s pain, Arthritis, Insomnia, Nerve system issues like paralysis, Digesting issues like IBS, sportmen’s massage; Indian massage has successfully addressed them all.

Indian massagedeep tissue massage

Normally massage begins with dry massage from feet to neck, then oil first in nasal point then on feet and then gradually over the body as may be required. Normally warm oil is suggested for massage. Fingers, palm, elbow, knee, feet is used by therapist as required to massage the target body part.

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