Process success needs efficient scope time cost management

It is not just any management or, project management but efficiency is an integral part of any process. As project is part of process so the efficiency is also enviable. If a project manager is not aware about scope, processes and knowledge areas of the project, not only the revenue but credibility of organization also can be questioned.

Scope understanding

In localization; once project manager is assigned project you have to understand number software you have to use for correct delivery. Knowing software is not enough but possible checks process also needs to be considered according to client processes.


In major cases we start with hand off and later we get stuck to hard rock/s we didn’t thought about! Like, ter

minology issues, unawareness of built in cross platform processes of client applications we are using, or lack of inconsi

stency checking process.


The moment you start localization, it must go through review processes like, terminology consistency check, tag check, language style check, grammar check. There are different names for this and a lot of confusion on this too. What a PM should remember is to remember these checks.


In localization commonly control is understood mainly as if review is done the control is gained. In fact unless you make resources accountable for the errors causing rework, you can’t control process. This is a most effective way to control errors, than putting control/s on automated processes. Now a day automation is becoming integral par

t of any process to save cost. PM should know or, should work/research to understand how automation can be introduced to his process to help find errors. To remember, accountability is must!


It is common human tendency to avoid reading long mails. Drafting long processes mostly cause misunderstandings. Holding resource responsible for not reading given directions is fine, but PM should control writing n number of guidelines. Remember, for failure you are the only responsible person in organizational perspective.

Resource Management

You need people with essential knowledge of agile project management. Therefore, it is essential that you put in every effort in committing to manage these people. Good people management produces optimal work outputs. Always keep in mind that, to success a project it needs teamwork, as most virtual projects are people-oriented. Nobody works in isolation when it comes to completing online projects which

is targeted to reach huge audience.

Failure to look ahead into the future

Most content marketing probl

ems arise when you fail to organize your strategy in an efficien

t way. Most of the times it happens, when you fail to imagine future consequences on the implementation of the strategies you chose.

Product Marketing

As a conte

nt marketer, you should make sure that you are not posting random articles in different sites just for the h

eck of it. You need to find the timing and the thorough analysis to come up with a content marketing strategy that works. Collaborate with your team members on regular basis, to find which strategies to keep on that work, and filter those which are out of date.

Absence of a centralized marketing methodology


A great tool for content marketing becomes useless; when your marketing strategy is not well managed or interconnected. If your social media campaigns are not in sync with your content marketing, your customers will notice it, resulting confusion will take them away.

Adopt such strategy for content marketing which is in sync with your other marketing portfolios. Learn to be flexible when planning your strategy, so as that your strategy will come up with an interrelated overall marketing policy. Just keep in mind that it is not matter how good you plan a strategy, your efforts will be evaluated only on the end results.

Social media Strategy


Those companies which

failed to make their employees understand how to handle social media properly are facing lots of problems and threats as well. Marketing tools won’t serve their purpose, if inappropriate posts from your employees are observed by your clients or customers in social media websites.

Expressing personal feelings on the project’s social site is one of the most stupid mistakes observed in project management. To avoid such mistakes we need to create a clear guideline for the team members on what should and should not be published on the project’s social site.


Misusing social media


media, which it is just for a single purpose. Commonly social media is used for a desired single purpose. You may think of social media as just a simple tool to post anything you desire, without taking into consideration the need to use it to interact with your target audience. Project management issues commonly arise when you fail to satisfy your audience, particularly, through engagement in social media sites.


Do not under or over-estimate social media. Apply proper thought process to avoid project management pitfalls. Keep interacting with audience and make them feel that you care their views and opinion. This helps you create positive image towards your audience. Just innocent looking mistakes can make serious damages to your project, and you may won’t be knowing it either.

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