Day dreaming is not a sickness; if you thrive to make it real!

In a sense, New Year resolution is a dream …

In 2012 I took an insurance policy ‘Jeevan Anand’ from LIC. In the initiation process they asked me for a medical checkup. I was reported 160/140. Same time I applied for ‘Jeevan Arogya’ the mediclaim policy and due to my medical conditions LIC rejected IT. This really rang several bells in head. In fact, I had a very nice health record; but…

Till 2013, I never made any New Year resolution before. For the first time in 2013 I made ‘quit smoking’ and for almost 4 months I could manage to… but I surrendered.

‘series of habits are too easy to quit, until they are to hard to leave’

I experienced it!

Again for 2014 I put this same resolution ‘quit smoking’ and I made it worth; thank god, till date am away from smoking. This really gave me a high confidence that, yess am not a loser I can make it!

This changed my views towards myself; I started thinking that now I started thinking that now I should get my knowledge and understanding of industry be verified and be acknowledged. Hence I concentrated on my career achievements.  In 2014 I achieved certification in MS Project, through PMI Pune chapter.

Next year for 2015, I put resolution to achieve some certification in project management, VBA and MBA. I failed in PM exam, but could achieve VBA basic certification. I keep studying for PM certification, and kept MBA for 2016.

For 2016 I kept target of PM certification plus Six Sigma certification plus MBA. As I was studding for PM certification from 2015, this time It came a bit easier. I passed first sem of MBA too.

September 2016 I became Prince2 on my B’day, and within 4 days got hospitalized; straight in icu…

Realizing your limits and same time trying to conquer them; is a real challenge and a joy…

After a month long bed rest I resumed duty, I resumed my studies on Six Sigma Green Belt. I achieved it in December, but I stepped back on completion of my MBA certification, I accepted loss of pay, and kept it for 2017.

For 2017 I kept my resolution of MBA certification and I did it with first class; MBA Operations!

I also kept resolution for health. 85 to 58 was my target for 2017. I failed on this front due to series of unfortunate events. Couple of times I felt ill and in between illness cures I got accidents. The whole (hole) year wasted on this front.

Now for year 2018 I have two resolutions again, one is my website ‘’ I think may be useful for commons to know about self treatment through acupressure and vitamins in common conditions and to bring easiness to life… all from my own study and experience and contributions from you people. and once again on health front, 85 to 58 will be my target again. This year I have some certifications in mind.

And offcourse if I successfully manage it, I have a huge wish list… few of them are, free fall, rafting, skydiving, gliding, rappelling ….

I have to thank LIC for awakening the fire within; which was ignited by a spark from a negative medical report, otherwise I wouldn’t be this hard towards myself.

In project management, Cost-Time-Scope is an all-time constraint. in fulfilling your dreams you see constraint of Budget-Time-Health; some of your dreams can’t be fulfilled due to financial limits, some due to time limit and some due to your own physical limits. You should be easy with that.

Six Sigma says if you put an aim of zero error you have chances to reduce errors to significant level! In other words it doesn’t claim ‘a complete eradication of errors’. Same way If you put a wish list you have chances to bring as many as possible to make real. Don’t get hurt if you couldn’t achieve something.

For others inspiration; please share your resolutions and achievements… where you put yourself on stake!

Day dreaming is not a sickness; if you thrive to make it real!

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