Employee leave managers

Now a day here n there, this way n that way, almost alternate day there are posts mentioning, stating or charging with; or just posting, ‘employee leave manager not organization!

I think this is either with some motive or by just an armature/s. If this is motive, please note; it is harmful for middle management. Because it is just like, ‘call a mad dog n shoot’ kind of thing you are openly suggesting; when yourself you know, “because of the manager” is last reason for any employee. Again; because we are aware of possible differences, bias, likings, moralizing, aggressive collogues or the manager, short temper, short knowledge manager in workplace. When we join an organization, we keep these all possibilities in mind, and we are prepared to face/accept/cope/mitigate it; as we know this is natural.

There is a story, ‘the six blinds and the elephant’ in Panchtantra. Each blind imagined elephant differently; as per their assumption/imagination. But here in, all are concluding on one single assumption; when no single one is blind!

In my honest opinion people are trying to save themselves by saying that ‘a manager’ is responsible if a team member resigns job. I would like to ask these people if the higher management don’t have put an unbiased escalation path for employee and the employee clearly marks her/his manager as reason for putting paper then you are fine. Have you notices any such organization/s? You must mention, in which sector or in which company there is a block to escalation! To my knowledge in each organization there is an escalation path, higher management persons directly talk to each employee proactively, so they can talk to them with privacy.

I am posting this for some HR persons possibly unaware of other reasons of an employee leaving you; along with high pay, high position, learning opportunity, onsite opportunity, convenient, these positive factors there are some negativities. What I observed is; if you can’t keep pace with team, you can’t grab skillsets, you can’t keep with given in-out time, or can’t keep with deadline/s; and your ability is challenged or, you are wondering around and disturbing others after you are done with your assignment, or even you break up with someone in company or had fight/exchange of bad words.

Please note again, hardly there is any good manager for an employee; though even if you are perfect! Your manager is responsible for your output v/s CTC, and s/he confirms the yield is maintained (which naturally steams you out!) you should not expect any soft corner from them. I don’t say managers are great, good. As said before, there are people trying to hide your capabilities, extra achievements, your special knowledge area/s from higher management and try to steal credit for it. But, it doesn’t work for long, they are caught and kicked out. After all, higher management has only goal of running organization smooth and profitable; and they know, for this one amongst the things is; there should be long term relationship with employees.

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