Basics of Acupressure (simplified)


No medical treatment is absolute in sense of recovering from an illness. There is no alternative treatment. There are, evidences of cure from decease, through Ayurvedic Marma Chikitsa or Acupressure treatment; when the main stream diagnostics and treatment methodologies claimed it incurable.

Acupressure; now a day it is called as “alternative therapy”, still it is a standalone treatment. It is a natural way to cure or keep stable, from many emotional and physical conditions. Please note: it is a methodology hence Acupressure should not be taken from a layperson (it can misinterpret or leave in nowhere condition); though overall it looks simple, still it has rules and at some conditions, it is strict to follow them. It is better to follow an experienced person practicing acupressure. Tools and techniques of acupressure are simple and easy to learn. Learning basic knowledge about acupressure therapy can help you understand it has capability to diagnose or, closely imagine or, forecast one’s physical or mental state. You will need a guide a practitioner, to show you possible conditions from one single point or set of points; until you fully realize symptoms and possible condition by yourself. In Ayurveda it is ‘Marma Bindu’. Please check this ‘’ which was introduce as Meridians, Acupressure and acupuncture, shiatsu was developed from this;  and now it is emerging in the name of reflexology.

The very simplest rule in understanding Acupressure is, check the body by pumping points and the point that pain, keep pumping it even further. Here your basics starts.

In acupressure therapy by pumping certain points on the body, specific organs, glands or functions are influenced in such an order that it generates or/and regulates the energies within the body. These points are acupressure points, but may be called as, acupoints, pressure points. Normally all acupressure points are on a channel which is called meridian. As per Acupressure principals, human body contains twelve channels which covers points, in a zig-zag positions, and eight channels which are in straight form. There are 361 normal acupoints, but total points are almost a thousand.

The strange channels are called Ren Channel and Du Channel, Acupoints are located on all of these channels having fixed location on the body.

From bottom lip to front side of anus (Yin) and from rear point of anus to upside of upper lip (Yang) are the central meridians, or energy pathways on human body. These meridians have both yin and yang components, based on the direction of the energy flow on the body. Chi or Qi of Ki (all are same) is the basic life energy, it travels through the body in meridians.

On body there are vertical energy flows through specific nerves, these are called Meridian. On the meridian there are sensory points connected to glands, organs and bodily systems. There are number of sensory points on meridian, which are connected to more than one gland-organ-bodily system. For a beginner it is confusing. Practicing for couple years you get rid of it on how to confirm which ‘gland-organ-bodily system’ needs treatment.  All sensory points are under skin, some are closer to surface some are deep down, some are just below the other. Meridians or, Sensory points  are power points hence not visible. One can feel all of them, very clearly, without any doubt. In physical condition or, sickness or, weakening of a gland or organ different points on one meridian or number of meridians can wake up (feel pain or swelling). Though the meridians may cross each other, but they do not obstacle or interfere in functions of each other.

In the center of the body vertically there is one meridian in the front line starting from under lore lip and above the chin, running through chest>stomach>abdomen>prostate>penis>side channels between legs>ending in frontal poin of anus, and the other starting from back point of anus, running alongside of spin>neck>head>front head ending between above the upper lip and below nose. Front runner is understood as positive energy charger the rear runner is understood as negative energy charger. Both the charges are equally important for balanced physical and mental stability.


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