Efficiency; integral part of an operation!

Efficiency; integral part of an operation!

It is not just a task or a project management but, efficiency is an integral part of management of any operation. As project is part of operation so the efficiency is also enviable. If a project manager is not efficiently aware of scope, processes or knowledge areas of the project, not just the revenue but, credibility of organization also can be questioned.

Understanding Scope

In localization; once project manager is assigned a project; you have to understand handoff material and deliverables that is scope, and decide the number software you have to use for correct process and delivery. Knowing software is not enough but possible checks process called QA also needs to be considered according to client’s processes.


In majority cases it is observed that, we start with handoff and later we get stuck to hard rock/s we didn’t thought about! Like, terminology issues, unaware of cross platform processes at client’s end, or the applications we are using, or lack of consistency in checking process that is QA. Even sometimes we realize that SOW was not requested to client.


The moment you start localization, it must go through review processes mainly on, terminology consistency check, tag check, language style check, and grammar check. There are different names for these things, and a lot of confusion is on it too. What a PM needs to remember is to remember to ensure these checks before hand back; that’s it!


In localization commonly control is understood mainly as, if review is done the control is gained. In fact unless you make resources accountable for the errors causing rework, you can’t control process. This is most effective way to control errors than, putting control/s on automated processes. Now a day automation is becoming integral part of any process to save cost n time. PM should know or, should work/research with SME, to understand how automation can be integrated into processes; to help find errors. To control errors; accountability is must!


It is common human tendency to avoid reading long mails. Drafting long handoff, mostly cause misunderstandings. Holding resource responsible for not reading given directions is fine, but PM should control writing n number of guidelines.

Remember, for failure you are the only responsible person, in organizational perspective.

Resource Management

Your team or the people in your team are vital to have, and maintain agile kind of project management. So it becomes your job to put in all your efforts to manage these people. Good people management is base of optimal work outputs. Remember, teamwork is foundation of success, as most virtual projects are people-oriented.

Failure to look ahead into the future

Most of the time, content marketing problems arise when you fail to organize your strategy in an efficient way. Oftentimes, this happens when you fail to look into the future consequences of the implementation of your chosen strategies.


Misuse of social media


Social media is like double edge sword. If you know, how to manage and control impact/s of it; you may win… otherwise… it kills. One of the errors in project management with social media is using social media for a single purpose only. You may think of social media as just a simple tool to post anything you desire, without taking into consideration the need to use it to interact with your target audience. Simple mistakes impose extensive damages on the way your project runs its course, without you even knowing it. Avoid making common careless project management mistakes, so as to not let your virtual business go downhill. Surely, taking extra care in avoiding these mistakes lets you reap the much needed benefits in the long run.

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