Is prayer last option for an addict

May be since last 7-8 years am smoking, when my friends heard that I have started smoking, they came to see me smoking saying, “we couldn’t believe it as, at the age we are asked by our doctor to quit smoking, you have started!”

In family also my mom and dad requested/shouted on me to quit smoking, but I didn’t listen to them. When mother died I didn’t smoke for 10 days just the same as when my father died.

Five years back I was admitted to hospital because of food poisoning. I didn’t smoke for almost a month. All this time I was making prayer to god to help me to quit smoking! but still again and again; I was getting back in the habit!

Days went on, my smoking went on, and my prayers to god, to help me to quit smoking also went on!

In the first week of February I got a call; asking me for insurance! Lady calling introduced herself as LIC personal. I was shocked; when did LIC socialized? I couldn’t believe the lady; and twice asked her if really she is calling from LIC! When she assured me that yes I am calling from LIC and not from any agency, I was pleasantly surprised and asked her to send the agent/representative. Two days after a gentleman came to my office asking for me. He introduced as LIC agent ‘Jeevan Dhole’. I selected a plan and made the fulfillment of documents/cheque. I asked him about Medical insurance, he introduced one and I took that too.

As per his call on weekend; I went for the medical checkup of blood and urine for diabetics. On return he assured me that mostly there won’t be any extra test, but may be as you are overweight and 50+, you may be charged extra premium. I said OK and we left. After two weeks, he called me and told that, I need to go through one more test. So on the weekend, I went with him and gave samples. This was different lab.

Samples were taken, doctor asked me about smoking and told him yes I do smoke…. Doctor told me that am 180/140. This was the other kind of shock!

Agent told me that, it could be a problem as basically this test is not for comparatively small premium policy takers (like me!). I was stun.. That night I thought I should stop smoking, and I didn’t (rather I couldn’t!) smoke. In the morning I didn’t, in the afternoon, evening and in the night also I didn’t (you can imagine, how serious I got on this which I was never before!) I had two packets of cigarettes, and one open pack. I kept all those three for the month long time on the table. When I got myself confirmed that I really don’t feel for a smoke, I gave them to my friend, saying “enjoy…..!”

Next week agent called me for third test (USG abdomen and Serum Creatinine test); this was too much! I decided not to smoke ever!

I think; first I must thank ‘Jeevan Dhole’ for opening so called call center and calling me with an offer, secondly I must thank LIC again for making my mind to quit smoking, and thirdly again to LIC itself for, managing my health tests and giving me confidence of my good metabolism and warning on the smoking habit!

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