Trying nutrition supplements: be aware of facts!

You might have heard about lab tests, to check vitamin levels in body (this is tricky like many other phrases from Medicine). In fact, lab test show your nutritional levels in blood not actual remains of vitamins in body. In simplified words, functional fact of body is, blood is a medium to flow nutrients towards destinations, and to maintain desired level of nutrients concerned glands keep discharging them in blood. In other words, glands is the bank account, and blood is the family’s public appearance; if blood shows adequate levels of nutrients (means family looks rich in public), it does not means glands are having enough nutrients (bank account is with enough balance).

For modern medical practices (physical/measurable appearance), there is no technique to measure health of a gland, find vitamin level in your glands n organs or systems. There are differences between so called experts; After reviewing the results of 25 vitamin D studies, the panel concluded that it isn’t helpful for most people to know their vitamin D level. For one thing, experts don’t agree on what low vitamin D means. Some laboratories define it as below 20 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), others set it at below 50 ng/mL. In addition, tests for vitamin D aren’t standardized or reliable.

It is acupressure, which alerts you about the upcoming possible deficiencies or weakness with your glands or, organs or systems. For this article #Acupressure is not the context, just referred only.

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When mentally or physically, gradually or suddenly; you start feeling uncomfortable; mainly it comes from, no adequate water, no adequate food, no adequate minerals, no adequate vitamins. In rare case an extreme stress can be due to heart conditions (if you have had no heart issues). If you have these conditions in common, better you always keep ‘water’, ‘food items’, ‘electrolytes’, vit‘C’ handy (@home, @office, n @travel). It helps a lot to get normal quickly.

Organic food is becoming scarcer, and we are almost settled in #GM (genetically modified) world. Here you need not only external proteins and nutrients, but minerals and allied components as well; to be healthy. Most of them are harmless, for some it is better to get proper advice from a knowledgeable person (may be a health, diet, nutritional expert or, the physician).

Before you go for food supplements, specifically to maintain level of #vitamins, or #minerals; it is essential to understand implications in within. Just for example if you are taking #vitamin‘C’ it consumes copper from body, if you are taking #Vitamin‘D (D3)’ it consumes #magnesium but #calcium and #zinc is also used in absorption process. So, you need to aware of maintaining other consumed components as well.

In other words you need to know the process/affects/effects of the supplement you are taking, otherwise while you maintain one the other is consumed, which may affect bodily functions.

Over dose of #VitaminD can lead to retention and confusion, over dose of Vitamin A may lead to severe eye problems. High intakes of some forms of vitamin A can be harmful. Getting too much preformed #VitaminA (usually from supplements or certain medicines) can cause #dizziness, #nausea, #headaches, #coma, and even death.

Protein supplements are commonly high in fibre, and consistent consumption of high fibre may become a major cause for #constipation. High levels of minerals may result in #kidney stone. The moral is being aware of ‘what if’ while reading on “web”.  Be careful and conscious; stay consistent with low doses of any #supplements. In your supplement regime be cautious on water intake of average 3 ltrs a day to keep flushing out excess material…

Please note: #supplements without #exercise is useless.

Root cause of most of illnesses is, your mindset…

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