Waxing techniques more simple now a day

chest waxing for men
Chest waxing

Now a day, waxing is popular and technology inventions has added long living benefits in removal of unwanted hair. Though in neighboring civilizations

waxing exists in hair removal from old times; threading waxing is developed in India in ancient times. Depending on the person’s conditions; but still commonly after waxing, takes about two months for hair to grow back.

Types of waxing

Almost all body parts can be waxed, but listed below are commonly preferred for waxing.

Face Waxing

waxing for men
men waxing

Eyebrow Waxing

Arms Waxing

Back Waxing

Stomach Waxing

Leg Waxing

leg waxing for men
leg waxing

Bikini Waxing

There are different wax and methods, and these depends on skin type and hair quality.

Warm or hot waxing is commonly preferred method over cold waxing, warm wax contains sugar which sticks to hair to make removal easier. This is less painful and more effective than cold waxing. Cold waxing is used in self waxing which has limitations over body area. Normally for men, it is useless.

General Method of Waxing

Men's waxing in Pune
Men’s waxing

Waxing is done by spreading a thin coat in the direction of hair growth over the area where hair removal is required. A cloth or, a paper strip is pressed over the wax and then ripped off very quickly against direction of hair tilt or lean. This removes wax along with the hair, a thin layer of skin with dead cells; leaving behind a smooth skin.

Steps for hot waxing at home

Following steps common in hand, leg, stomach waxing.

Purchase a suitable wax suits your skin conditions. Read the instruction label carefully.

Heat the wax according to the instructions (please note too hot wax may cause heat burns on skin).

Before waxing, clean and dry your body. Keep talk to use if required (if you need to use talcum powder to dry up skin, remove it with cloth before applying wax)

Apply warm wax over body part in patch/es, remember to apply or spread wax, in the direction of hair.

Press cotton cloth or paper strip on wax. Leave it for a few seconds (to cool down)

Rip off the cloth or strip speedily in the opposite direction of hair tilt. Pulling up can be more effective but it is more painful.

Too cool down the pain feelings place the damp washcloth on waxed area.

Now repeat this process till to finish each patch one by one over the entire body you can access easily.

Once you finish waxing on body, apply a soothing cream or a moisturizer.

It is advisable to prefer professional service for facial and eyebrow waxing. Self-waxing over these areas, can cause inaccurate waxing and may look too odd.

There are some concerns who better consult a medical practitioner before waxing

Those suffering from diabetes, poor blood circulation, are advised to consult a medical practitioner.

Individuals who are using taking Retin-A, Renova, Differin and Isotretinoin are advised to consult a medical practitioner.

Do not apply wax on warts, pimples, moles, rashes or sunburn.

Do not apply wax on broken skin or varicose veins.



After waxing it takes about two months for hair to grow back. You feel the softness of new hair.

Compared to shaving, waxing does not cause any cuts.

In waxing process, it not only removes unwanted hair but dead cells and a thin layer of skin too, which makes our skin soft.

Regular waxing reduces hair growth.

Compared to laser or electrolysis hair removal this is notably inexpensive method.

Being standalone hair removing method, it don’t have any drawbacks

Concern: you need to be prepared; to sustain to pain of the hair removal.

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